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ARORA is an LA-based indie pop/electronic vocal group who has created a genre all their own, combining organic vocal harmony and beatboxing with striking electronic production. ARORA takes the stage with nothing but five voices and their rig of effects pedals and loop stations to bring their cinematic, all-vocal dream pop to life. The group formed in 2008, first performing unique cover arrangements of some of their favorite artists (Bon Iver, Imogen Heap, Bjork, Radiohead, Sara Bareilles, Fleet Foxes, and more). Years of touring, recording, performing and growing individually & collectively as artists led the way to their stunning, all-original 2013 release Bioluminescence. The album includes original songs and arrangements from all five members, and production by their very own Christopher Given Harrison.
ARORA has performed at vocal music festivals all over the country, co-headlining with legendary vocal groups such as Pentatonix, Take 6, The Swingle Singers, m-Pact and more. Individually, outside of ARORA, all five members are sought-after professionals in the LA music scene, working as live performers, studio singers, vocal arrangers, producers and educators. Their collective voices can be heard in various major films, TV shows and albums.
Formerly known as Sonos (2008-2013), their first release SonoSings (2009, Verve Forecast) and follow-up holiday album December Songs (2010) received wide acclaim in the acappella community and garnered support from LA's eclectic tastemaker radio station KCRW. Past appearances as Sonos include live sessions on NPR, KCRW, BBC Americana, PRI's Studio 360, Sirius/XM; performances at the X Games, SXSW, Sundance, TedTalks, MojaMoja Pre-Grammy Brunch, ASCAP Awards, Next Big Nashville, Celtic Connections and season 3 of NBC's "The Sing Off". Collaborations include singing with The Rescues, Sara Bareilles, Kanye West, The Pet Shop Boys, authors Margaret Atwood, neuroscientist/author Dan Levitin, and the LA Contemporary Dance Company. 
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